Do Virtual Tours Make a Difference?

Why would you use a virtual tour when marketing your house? Better asked, why wouldn’t you? Nowadays, buyers don’t even look at online listings if they don’t include a virtual tour. While, a virtual tour might not sell your house immediately, but it will bring more opportunities.

In many ways, selling a home is not a real estate function, it’s a marketing function and let’s face it . . . beautiful photographs sell products. Have you ever seen a poor photograph used for marketing a BMW? Why would you use an amateur point-and-shoot photo when selling a home worth 3-10 times as much as a luxury vehicle?

Do you really need quality photos or a virtual tour to sell a home?

The answer: Only if you want to brand yourself as a real estate marketing expert, get more exposure, sell properties faster and get noticed by more potential buyers and sellers. The rewards will be worth it – your clients will be telling their friends and family what a great job you did.

Statistics show that listings with the most photos and virtual tours get more than 30% more viewings. In the end, the selling is up to you, but let us help you be known as the “real estate marketing expert” and get people in the door.

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